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We value your privacy so we are providing these informations for you to understand how things go.

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Asian Idol Media Source is a fansite blog where people like you can listen mp3s or watch videos and read the latest Idol shows in Asia. This blog is not in any way affiliated with FremantleMedia, 19 TV Ltd or any of those affiliate channels.


Our advertisers collects info(not including your name, address, email address or telephone number) from your pc through cookies to be able to know the services you are interested with.The cookies that are being stored to your computer are not harmful. Its like logging into your mail account. If ever you have questions regarding our advertisers Private Policy. You can visit their main site and look for it there.

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To make our site a better place for everyone, we at Asian Idol Media Source uses a third party cookie. These cookies collect informations(not including your name, address, email address or telephone number) from your pc to determine how often you visit our site, what pages from our site are you viewing, what your location is and how long you are in our site.. Again, these cookies are not harmful to your pc. Its just there to help us improve our site nothing else.


We do not own All the Mp3s, Videos, Pictures and News bulletins, unless indicated. These are just for Viewing/Listening and Informing the public only.

Parental Guidance

The ads that are being advertised here may not be suitable to everyone especially kids under 13 so parental guidance is must.

We will update this policy as often as we like so feel free to check our policy once in a while.

If you have questions, comments, suggestions regarding this blog just email me at

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