Attention Hady Mirza fans!!!

got this email from

It is confirmed that Hady Mirza will indeed represent Singapore to take
part in Asian Idol next month.

Mediacorp is shooting a video clip of the fanclub at the airport
Hady off. We need as many fans as possible.

Purpose: Asian Idol Video Shoot for Hady Mirza
Venue: Changi Airport
Date: 19 November 2007 (Monday)
Time: TBC (probably evening)
Attire: Dark Blue / HapyHadys Fanclub T-Shirt

If you can make it (and we hope you do), please email to with the following:
1) Name / Forum Nick
2) Contact Number
3) Email Address
4) No. of people going

Hope to see everyone there!

HapyHadys Fanclub Team


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