First-ever Asian Idol to debut in December!

They've been crowned Idols in their own country - now watch them battle it out against each other in the first ever Asian Idol, set to debut in December.

Could Hady Mirza be crowned Idol twice?

Maybe, if he manages to outsing the five other contestants in the upcoming Asian Idol. Debuting in mid-December (telecast details below), the programme will see crowned Idols from Indonesia, India, Malaysia, the Philippines, Vietnam and, of course, Singapore, attempt to win the distinction of being the world's first Asian Idol.

Singapore will be represented by season two champ Hady, who will sing one Malay song and one English song. Also representing Singapore is - surprise, surprise - Ken Lim. No, he's not there to sing! Ken will get to unleash his caustic tongue on Idols from other countries as a judge on the show. The shows will be held in Jakarta.

Other regional idols already confirmed to participate are Malaysian's Jaclyn Victor, the Philippines' Mau Marcelo and Vietnam's Phương Vy. They will fly to Jakarta Dec 7.

The show will be broadcast to all six participating countries. Viewers get to vote by SMS, though with an extra element: they have to vote for two contestants, instead of one, to ensure a fairer competition in which contestants receive votes a country that is not their own. Voters must always choose two idols to make one valid vote but they can still vote as many times as they like.

Taking into consideration the different populations of each of the countries represented, votes will be tabulated by percentage rather than numbers.

Watch out for Asian Idol on a screen near you come Dec 14!

Telecast details (subject to changes):

Fri, Dec 14: Road to Asian Idol
Sat, Dec 15: Asian Idol Performance Show
Sun, Dec 16: Asian Idol Results Show (LIVE!)




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