Hady Mirza's Latest Gigs

Following the good news of Hady Mirza representing Singapore in Asian
Idol, fans will be thrilled to know that there are a series of
performances and interviews the next couple of weeks!

* Singapore Radio Awards 2007 *

Catch Hady perform at the annual SRA 2007 on 30 November 2007, at
Suntec Ballroom 2, 7.30pm. SRA is an award show honouring the best DeeJays
in Singapore. Tickets are at $28.

* Courts Event *

Hady will also perform at Courts Megastore at Tampines, 01 December
2007, 6.30pm. The event is free and is opened for public. Remember to hop
on down to Courts to support Hady!

* Interview at Suria Segar 2 *

After two continuous days of events, relax at home and catch Hady's
exclusive interview with Suria Segar 2, on Mediacorp Suria, at 02 December
2007, 10am.

* Rhapsody Concert *

Hady will for the first time, participate in this annual concert
collaborating the best artistes in Singapore and Brunei. It will be held on
07 December 2007 at Mediacorp TV Theatre. Ticketing information will be
up soon.

Please visit http://www.hady-mirza.com or
http://www.hady-mirza.com/forum for details.

HapyHadys Fanclub Team


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