Jac gets second chance

Malaysia’s first Idol is gearing up for her second crack at a regional title. She talks to HIZREEN KAMAL about her feelings.

JACLYN VICTOR is all a-flutter in anticipation of the big inaugural Asian Idol contest in Jakarta next month, when she will represent Malaysia.

Jaclyn said she was “going through all sorts of feelings and emotions, from being excited to being nervous and then from being happy to being scared”.

“I feel very lucky and blessed to have been the one chosen to compete,” she said.

“I am also constantly thinking about what it is going to be like there,” Jaclyn said. “However, all I really want is to do my best.”
Jaclyn, the first Malaysian Idol champion, will have a second opportunity at a regional title, after losing out in the Ikon 2007 competition in June.

The Asian Idol competition, on Dec 15-16, offers the champion a round-the-world trip.

Jaclyn, 28, has been practising her vocals since she was told of her entry. “I sing a lot on my own and push my vocals as much as I can so that it will be at its peak when the time comes.

“Proper rehearsals will take place once I am in Jakarta.”

Jac says she needs to improve her overall performance. This she is trying to do by watching live concerts and seeing how other singers perform.

Jac has had a tight schedule lately. She performed at the tennis exhibition match between Pete Sampras and Roger Federer last week, and will perform at Live & Loud 2007 on Saturday — the night Whitney Houston, Elliott Yamin, Shaggy, Project Pop, the James Taylor Quartet, Joe Flizzow, Dina, Hannah Tan, Anuar Zain, Camelia, Azan (Ruffedge), Noryn Aziz, Lah (VE), Nikki and Mode, will be on stage.

On Dec 7, Jac will be in Jakarta for promotional activities by Asian Idol organisers. She says she hopes her fans will continue to support her. “My fans have been my greatest asset. Without every single one of them, I would definitely not be where I am today,” she says.

On her chances, Jac says she has watched videos of those who have confirmed their participation to the Asian Idol.

“Each of them is gifted and special in his or her own way. I know everyone is going to ’bring it on’ and certainly I will, too. So, I think everyone has a fair chance at being the first Asian Idol.”

The Asian Idol contest is for singing “idols” from Malaysia, Singapore, India, Indonesia, the Philippines and Vietnam.

Other singers in the competition are Singapore’s Hady Mirza, the Philippines’ Mau Marcelo, India’s Abhijeet Sawant and Vietnam’s Phuong Vy.

Indonesia has yet to select its representative from the four former Indonesian Idol winners: Delon Thamrin, Mike Mohede, Ihsan Tarore and Rini Wulandari.

In Asian Idol, each performer will sing two songs, one in English and one in their native language, and face a panel of six invited Asean judges, including Malaysia’s Paul Moss.

The show will be broadcast to all six countries. Viewers in Malaysia can watch it on 8TV.

The station said viewers will get to vote by text message (SMS), though for two contestants, instead of one, to ensure contestants receive votes from a country other than their own.

“Voters must always choose two idols to make one valid vote but they can still vote as many times as they like,” an 8TV spokesman said. “Taking into consideration the different populations of each of the countries represented, votes will be tabulated by percentage rather than numbers.”

source: http://www.nst.com.my/Current_News/NST/Monday/Features/20071125182758/Article/indexpull_html


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