Jaclyn for Asian Idol

After much speculation award-winning singer Jaclyn Victor has been confirmed as our representative to the upcoming Asian Idol to be held in Jakarta on Dec 15-16.
The news erased her disappointment for not being able to represent the country at the World Idol Competition Three years ago when it was called off.
"I cant lie that I was hoping to represent the country when I first heard about Asian Idol. It would be an honour to give my very best," said the 28-year-old lass to the Malay Mail yesterday.
Jac will be competing against five other Idol winners - from Indonesia, India, The Philipines, Singapore and Vietnam.
However, no names have yet submitted to represent these countries.
For Jac, who she is going to compete against is not an issue. With her experience in regional reality show Ikon, Jac believes she has what it takes to become an Asian Idol.
"I dont want to put pressure on myself by worrying how Im going to beat the rest of the candidates. It would affect my focus and be my undoing.
"So, it is better for me to compete with myself by breaking my personal records and make my fans proud of me. Tahts what matters the most" said the Kepong-born singer.
On the selections os songs, Jac said the matter is still being sicussed by her management team, The 8 unit.
"I cant say anything now as I dont know what songs I will be singing. But one thing for sure, I will be singing songs that showcase my vocal abilites.
"I want to give a sizzling performance on both nights, so that people will think Asian Idol is hotter than World Idol," she said.
As preparation, Jac has been working out to build her stamina under the supervision of a personal trainer.
"My preparation is more or less the same like when I took part in Malaysian Idol and Ikon. Mentally, I need to maintain my confidence throughout the competition as Im sure the other Idols are extremely talented" she said.
Jac will be off to Jakarta on Dec 7 to fulfill promotional activities arranged by Asian Idol Organizer Fremantle Media.
The winner of Asian Idol will be determined by viewers SMS votes as well as evaluation by a panel judges from ASEAN including Paul Moss of Malaysia

by Nur Ainne Johar

credit: Nezz


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