THE winner of “Philippine Idol” on ABC-5, Mau Marcelo, who had debut album with Sony BMG Music, will be sent to the regional tilt, “Asian Idol,” to be held in Jakarta, Indonesia, next month. This will be covered by ABC-5 itself, with rights given by Fremantle Media, franchise holder of the “Idol” series. Mau will compete with the Idols of five Asian countries that air local versions of the international singing competition: Malaysia, Indonesia, India, Singapore and Vietnam. Philippine Idol main judge Ryan Cayabyab is invited to be one of the jurors in the international competiton.

But Mr. C is now with ABS-CBN as headmaster of Pinoy Dream Academy, replacing Jim Paredes who now lives in Australia, so his co-juror in “Philippine Idol,” Pilita Corrales, will be sent to replace him. ABC-5 will cover this and have a primer, “Road to Asian Idol,” to be aired in the first week of December, prior to the performance night of “Asian Idol” on December 15 and results night to proclaim the winner on December 16, which will also be aired on ABC-5. You can vote for Mau to make her the Asian superstar from the Philippines.

Mau is definitely excited to represent our country. “I am excited and happy but also nervous,” she says. “I promise to do my best para hindi naman mapahiya ang bansa natin sa competition.”

source: People's Journal


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