Project - Video skit for Hady Mirza Birthday Bash 2008

Have you always wanted to participate in a project for Hady's upcoming
birthday bash? Now, you can be a part of it!

We are inviting you to record a video skit! The storyline will be "What
do you feel towards/think of Hady" OR "the things you will do/go
through for Hady"


1) Video should be a MAXIMUM of 3 mins long
2) Any number of people can be in the skit
3) Video can include a skit (acting), or, a song, or a dance
4) Send a Mpeg-2 (DVD), DivX AVI or MOV file in 720x576 (PAL)
5) Video should be burned onto a DVDR or CDR to ensure high quality of
video. DVD-Video on a DVDR is preferred.
6) Top 3 videos will be played at the birthday bash for all and Hady to

Deadline for you to pass the videos to us will be 22nd December 2007.
Late entries after that will not be accepted.

So come on, let your creative juices flow!

Please check for details.


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