(Updated) Fans needed for Asian Idol - Mediacorp Shoot (19 Nov)

Attention Hady Mirza Fans!!!

Details are in. Take note that the location has changed from Changi
Airport to Esplanade. And the meeting place is the open carkpark next to
Esplanade. 7pm!

Please do not be late.

Hi HapyHadys,

It is confirmed that Hady Mirza will indeed represent Singapore to take
part in Asian Idol next month.

Mediacorp is shooting a video clip of the fanclub meeting Hady before
he leaves for indonesia. We need as many fans as possible.

Purpose: Asian Idol Video Shoot for Hady Mirza
Venue: Esplanade
Meeting Place: Open Carpark next to Esplanade
Date: 19 November 2007 (Monday)
Time: 7pm
Attire: Dark Blue / HapyHadys Fanclub T-Shirt
Note: You are encouraged to bring along your posters/banners for Hady!

If you can make it (and we hope you do), please email to
register@hady-mirza.com with the following:
1) Name / Forum Nick
2) Contact Number
3) Email Address
4) No. of people going

Hope to see everyone there!

HapyHadys Fanclub Team


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