Vietnam Idol

Phương Vy

Birth name

Nguyễn Ngọc Phương Vy


Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam



Years active


Phương Vy is a Vietnamese singer. On October 3rd 2007, she won the first season of the reality television Vietnam Idol
Phương Vy (born August 27, 1987) auditioned for Vietnam Idol in Ho Chi Minh City. She proceeded into the top 10 and was never voted into the bottom three. Phương Vy advanced into the finale and won the title over Ngọc Ánh on October 3rd 2007 with 53.44% of the votes. Upon winning the competition, she was awarded $US10,000 and signed a recording contract with the Music Faces Company. She will represent Vietnam in the upcoming Asian Idol competition.


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