Asian Idol Results Mp3s

Download the Asian Idol Results mp3s here

Abhijeet Sawant and Hady Mirza - Kuch Kuchi Hota Hai

Abhijeet Sawant and Peterpan - Tak Bisakah

Agnes Monica - Get Up

Alisha Chinai - Made In India

Asian Idols Medley

Guy Sebastian - Midnight Hour

Hady MIrza - Berserah (RESULTS)

Hady Mirza and Jaclyn Victor - Fredom

Mau Marcelo and Rivermaya - You'll Be Safe Here

Mike Mohede and Guy Sebastian - Angels Brought Me Here


Phuong Vy and Siu Black - I Love RockNRoll

Taylor Hicks - Heaven Knows

Taylor Hicks - Taking It To The Street


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