Culinary Tour

For some contestants, Jakarta is not a new thing anymore. Hady Mirza said he’s been to Jakarta four times and Jaclyn Victor even forgot how many times she’s been here before.

“I like eating Ayam Penyet and Sop Buntut every time I visit Jakarta,” said Hady.

For Mau Marcello, Phuong Vy and Abhijeet Sawant, Jakarta is their new experience. This is the first time they visit the city. They don’t have any problems to fit in, especially with the weather.

“It feel like staying home because the weather is warm too, just like in my country,” said Vy who just arrived two days ago but has fallen in love with Rawon dish.

Having something in common, which is food, Mike had the idea to take his new friends on what he called culinary tour. “I met them for the first time and they’re all very friendly. We became a family right away. As a good host, I will take them on culinary tour,” said Mike.

Project director Daniel Hartono said, “I want these people to compete and to have fun at the same time. I want them to feel the warm and friendliness of Indonesian people”.

Of course, besides having fun and competition, these six idols is about to face hectic schedule from media visit, media interview, social activity, photo shoots, preparation and exercises for the Asian Idol Performance Show.

source: Seputar Indonesia
credit: furansizuka


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