HTV9 airs Asian Idol to rally local support

HCM CITY—HCM Television’s HTV9 brings Asian Idol to the airwaves at 8pm last evening, enabling voters from across the country to help Viet Nam’s Phuong Vy in her rise to stardom.

Asian Idol began airing from Singapore on Monday, gathering amateur singers from six countries in the region, including Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Viet Nam, the Philippines and India, to go head to head in an effort to become the next regional pop star.

Vietnamese TV-viewers must vote for at least two candidates and send their choices to call centre 4365. I-pop, the network specialising in provision of mobile content, billing and marketing solutions to Asia and the world, is responsible for collecting and filtering the results from all six countries. Winners will be announced at an award ceremony held at 9pm on Sunday, broadcast live on HTV9.

Singer Siu Black is the only Vietnamese member on the contest’s jury board. — VNS



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