I’m enjoying my days: Prashant

“Right now, I’m working on my album, Dhanyavaad , which has 11 tracks,” Prashant.

So, how is life post Indian Idol III?
My life has changed completely. I’m enjoying my days in the sun.

Isn’t your story that of an underdog who surprised everyone by winning?
(Laughs) I was never disheartened even when I was snubbed by the judges. I took all the comments positively. Bahut achhe comments bhi mile the .

Are playback offers coming your way?
Not yet. Right now, I’m working on my album, Dhanyavaad , which has 11 tracks. One of the songs is composed by Zubeen Garg and another song has three versions. There are three remakes of old numbers as well. I’m also busy with stage shows, as per the
contract that I’ve signed with the channel. It’s not easy to make a place in the playback industry — one has to struggle hard. I’m ready to take on the challenge, once I get my breathing space.

Are you in touch with runners-up Amit Paul?
We bonded well on the show, but now neither of have the time to sit in each other’s pockets. We do shows together and that is the time we meet. He’s a close buddy and we wish to keep in touch all our lives.

Darjeeling was burning over a simple comment...
But I’m happy that the people from that region listened carefully to everything that I said. I haven’t found time to pay a visit to Darjeeling. I want everyone to take part in the celebrations. I’m thankful that the fire doused as quickly as it broke.

So, after shifting base to Mumbai, aren’t you missing Kolkata?
Bahut zyada . All my friends are in Kolkata — how can I not miss the city that has given me so much?

What’s your biggest dream?
Jo dream dekha karte the, woh to pura ho gaya .

What about taking part in the Asian Idol? Heard Sandeep Acharya (the second season winner) was frowning over the channel’s decision of sending Abhijeet Sawant for the same...
Personally, I’m a big fan of Abhijeet Sawant. Though I had initially heard that there would be a competition between the three Indian Idols, no one told me anything about it in person. On getting a chance, even I would like to take part in the Asian Idol.

And what about your fans?
It always feels great to have fans looking up to you. It’s really motivating. I’m obviously happy.

So what’s happening on the personal front?
Not that I don’t like anyone, but marriage is not on the cards for some years now. I’ve my career to build. I’ve to marry off my elder sister first.

source: http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/TV_Buzz/Im_enjoying_my_days_Prashant_/articleshow/2648520.cms


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