'I'm not idoling away my time'

It’s busy time in the family. The last-minute invitations are being sent out and the relatives are coming in hordes. But I’m not getting too much into the celebrations and I’m not idling away my time. The Asian Idol is knocking on my door and I’m keeping myself busy with the preparations.

Shilpa’s a bathroom singer

The marriage is preceded by 12 years of courtship. We were in the same school and used to live in the same neighbourhood in south Mumbai, till I changed place. But it’s only last year that I proposed marriage to her. Shilpa’s a bathroom singer, but she has an amazing capability of remembering all the songs she’s ever heard. In fact, when I get stuck with the lyrics, it’s she whom I call up. Shilpa’s very supportive and has always been very positive about my future.

Marriage vs popularity

I don’t think anybody is heartbroken to know that I’m not single anymore. I never was. In fact, my cell phone hasn’t stopped ringing since I broke the news of marriage. I’m a happy man.

Asian Idol calling

I’m very busy preparing for the Asian Idol. I’m supposed to sing three English and three Hindi numbers. My choice of the Hindi numbers include, Bheegi bheegi, Dard-e-disco and Junoon remix. The English numbers would be ‘Everything I do’, ‘Quit playing...’ and ‘Words’. I will be flying to Jakarta on December 6. Since there’s no time to plan a honeymoon, Shilpa will be flying with me. Jakarta mein hi honeymoon mana lenge.

In the eye of controversy

I don’t know why Sandeep should be angry. It was the channel’s decision to send me to the Asian Idol. If there’s a second Asian Idol, I would definitely want Sandeep to represent India in it. He is a very good singer and I’ve seen him mature over the last one year. And yes, there’s no tension brewing between us. He is a very close friend and is supposed to come for my wedding. I’ve invited all the 10 contestants who took part with me in Indian Idol and they are very close buddies.

No competition, anywhere

There have been talents, there will be talents. Mujhe pichhe mudke nahin dekhna, mujhe agey badna hai. I’m doing playback for a couple of films like Mumbai.com, Care of Footpath, Fire and an animated flick, Green Chick. I’m also working on the idea of an international project. Apart from that, I’m also busy with Junoon’s
music video.

Greasepaint time

From end December I’ll start shooting for a romantic thriller, Lottery. The film will have a fresh cast and I’m also singing two tracks in it. But don’t ask me which is a priority. Singing is the love of my life and my idols are Sonu Niggaam and Kishore Kumar. But I’m big fan of Shah Rukh Khan since the Fauji days and can relate to his struggle. But please don’t expect me to act like him.

All’s well that ends well

I’m not jittery about marriage but yes, Asian Idol is keeping me on my toes. Hope I get to make India proud. Things are looking up and I’m not complaining at the moment.

It’s not fair!

Abhijeet Sawant’s selection as the Indian representative to the Asian Idol has raked up a lot of controversy. If sources are to be believed, the singer has been given preferential treatment over the other Indian Idols, Sandeep Acharya and Prashant Tamang. Source says, “The channel was supposed to have a competition among Abhijeet Sawant, Sandeep Acharya and Prashant Tamang. Whoever emerged the winner was supposed to represent India in Jakarta.”

The source adds, “They were each given one female participant for a duet. Needless to say, all three participants were quite excited and begun practising. But, the channel suddenly decided that Abhijeet Sawant would represent India, and felt that he had a wider mass appeal. The other two were quite upset with the decision.”

When contacted, Sandeep Acharya said, “We were told by a month ago that there would be a competition amongst the three of us. We were very excited about it and started rehearsing. Sanjeevani, my partner, and I rehearsed three four songs too. Suddenly, we heard that Abhijeet will be representing India. I was shocked. I could not believe that after all these preparations and promises they have taken a biased decision.” According to Sandeep, he is as talented as Abhijeet. “All three of us should get equal treatment,” he said. When asked, Abhijeet said, “ I am too excited with the opportunity. As far as how fair the process is, you should ask them.”

Albert Almeida, executive vice president and business head of the channel said, “There was supposed to be a competition. But we did not have much time left for the event. We had to take a quick decision, and we chose Abhijeet.”

source: http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/India_Buzz/Im_not_idoling_away_my_time/articleshow/2593876.cms


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