Jac brings crowd to their feet

MALAYSIAN Idol winner Jaclyn Victor brought Indonesians to their feet with an emotion-charged Gemilang at the taping of the first Asian Idol competition in Jakarta on Wednesday.

The crowd, which had turned out to hear Indonesian Idol Mike, was surprised by Jac's singing.

Where they had given a standing ovation to Mike, they went beyond this to stand and shout Jac's name after her performance.

The audience also responded well to singers from Singapore, Vietnam, Philippines and India.

RCTI, the TV station responsible for hosting Asian Idol, produced a first-rate show with a world-class orchestra, dancers, lighting and sets.

The Asian Idol show will be aired simultaneously in six countries tomorrow at 10pm (Malaysian time).

Voting will start at 10pm and close on Sunday at 11.30pm.

source: The New Straits Times


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