˜Asian Idol™ is due to premier on 8TV on the 15th of December and the live broadcast of the crowning of the coveted title first ˜Asian Idol™ will be shown on 16th December 2007.

Representing Malaysia will be our very first ˜Malaysian Idol™, Jaclyn Victor. Jac is the best choice to compete in ˜Asian Idol™. Apart from hitting super stardom since winning the first ˜Malaysian Idol™ title, she has proven to Malaysia and Asia her singing abilities through her recent participation in Ikon Malaysia (solo category), says 8TV Chief Executive Officer, Encik Ahmad Izham Omar.

Viewers are able to vote for their favourite Idol via SMS. However, some elements had to be adjusted given that Asian Idols is a regional vote-based show, and vote bases are different according to the population of participating countries. Taking into consideration the different populations of each of the countries represented, votes will be tabulated by percentage rather than numbers.

Due to this reason, an extra element has been added into the voting system. Viewers are required to vote for two (2) contestants instead of one, to allow fairness and equality in the competition. This is so that each contestant will also receive votes that are not of their own citizens.

To ensure this, viewers must vote two (2) idols in order to make their vote a valid one. Nonetheless, each viewer is allowed to vote as many times as he or she likes considering the terms of voting.

Please give your full support for Jaclyn as she is out there to make Malaysia proud!

To vote for Jaclyn and any of your favourite contestant, type send (space) contestant number (space) contestant number and send it to 33776.

source: http://jaclynvictor.net/


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