Mike The Highest Actual Votes, Hady The Highest Percentage Votes

The official result of Asian Idol is revealed by Project Director of Asian Idol Daniel Hartono in the middle of the interview with Kompas newspaper today, December 23, 2007. Daniel Hartono said according to the ACTUAL legal voting, Mike Mohede gathered the highest votes which were approx. 1 million votes. But since the 50% votes goes to the second option country, then Mike only got 500,000 + total percentage of other 5 countries who voted for Mike. And apparently Hady Mirza got the highest second option votes from all countries. In total, Hady got 115%, Mike in 2nd place got 111% (4% lower than Hady), and Jaclyn Victor got the lowest vote of all contestants.

Meanwhile, the chairman of Indonesian Statistic Center said to get better result, there should have been judges score added to the voting result.

credit Furansizuka

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JED-ReVoLuTiA said...

so, Mike should have won, right?

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