A New Home for the Idols

Six Asian Idols have been in Jakarta since 3 days ago. During the rehearsals and hectic schedule, they’re still enjoying the atmosphere of capital city.

For Abhijeet Sawant (India), Hady Mirza (Singapore), Jaclyn Victor (Malaysia), Phuong Vy *Vietnam), and Mau Marcelo (Philippines), the weather and the crowd of the Indonesian Idol Mike Mohede home town’s, make them feel like home.

Abhijeet, the contestant from India, the farthest country from Indonesia, said he felt so comfy in Jakarta. “The weather here is just like in Bombay and I like the culture. What most pleasure for me is the people here know Hindi songs and they’re all very enthusiast with Asian Idol,” he said.
Singapore Idol Hady Mirza said since he’s been quiet often to Jakarta before, he felt that this time is just like a holiday vacation. “For me, it’s almost like a holiday. The atmosphere is so full of fun and comforts me. I can’t wait for the competition just yet. It will be a great competition,” said the R&B singer who always makes Singapore girls go hysterical.

Jaclyn Victor, the winner of first Malaysian Idol said she never felt bored to return to Indonesia again. “Every time I’m back here, I become more and more fall in love with Jakarta. I see the people of Jakarta are so friendly, and this is not a lie,” she said honestly. Jaclyn also said that she had new experience from getting together with other idols from different countries.

For Philippines Idol Mau Marcelo, only one word she could describe about Jakarta: “Cool”. She also said her looks is not too different with Indonesians. “The food is too spicy but I see that Indonesia is indeed a beautiful country”.

The youngest contestant from Vietnam, Phuong Vy, also felt convenient with Jakarta because it reminds her of Ho Chi Minh City. “The people are so fun and they always make this sleeping lady laugh and laugh all the time,” she answered with a big smile.

source: SeputarIndonesia


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