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The battle of the best idols in Asian region is stepping on the most important round: Result Show. Tonight we’re going to find out the talented singer who’s going to become the very first Asian Idol.

Nothing else could be thought of by Abhijeet Shawan (India), Hady Mirza (Singapore), Jaclyn Victor (Malaysia), Mau Marcelo (Philippines), Mike Mohede (Indonesia), and Phuong Vy (Vietnam), except giving up all the best decision in the hand of Asia viewers.

Mau Marcelo couldn’t conceal her anxiety for forth night show. “We’re all very nervous to face this night. But we still must show our last best performance for the Asian Idol show,” said Mau.

Hady Mirza said he didn’t think of the result and just surrender, because he didn’t want it bother his performance tonight.

Millions of feeling caught Jaclyn Victor’s mind. “I feel trembling and sad at the same time, because this is going to be the last night together, and we’ll separate and go home soon. So it’s just hard for me,” she said gloomily. The togetherness for the past seven days in Jakarta obviously has made a special bond between all six finalists.

Meanwhile, Indonesia’s Mike Mohede said being the country host for the Asian Idol doesn’t mean the lucky factor. “What’s inside my heart for this time is: just prepare for the best. I keep hoping the best of all God’s will. Just keep positive feeling that I have nothing to lose,” he said. “We’re all the champions already, because we’ve made our countries proud”.

Hady Mirza agreed with Mike. For him, whoever wins tonight, it’ll be a bonus. “Whatever happens, I will use this experience to keep forward in music industry,” said Hady.

Asian Idol Guest Stars
The first Asian Idol show will present at least seven guest stars including American Idol 2006 Taylor Hicks, Australian Idol 2003 Guys Sebastian, India singer Alisha Chinay, Rivermaya from Philippines, Agnes Monica and Peterpan from Indonesia, and Sui Black from Vietnam.

For tonight’s result show, Guy Sebastian will duet with Indonesian Idol Mike Mohede singing ‘Angels Brought Me Here’. The six finalists also have practiced with Taylor Hicks to sing ‘Do I Make You Proud’, and for the closing show all six finalists will sing Diana Ross ‘When You Tell Me That You Love Me’.

source; Seputar Indonesia


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