Weekend Watch: Search on for Asian Idol

THE first large-scale, multi-country talent show, Asian Idol, will air over 8TV tomorrow at 11pm. The reality talent show will feature Idols from all around Asia (India, Malaysia, Indonesia, the Philippines, Singapore and Vietnam) competing on behalf of their countries for the Asian title. The final rounds of the competition will be held in Jakarta, Indonesia on Dec 15 and Dec 16 (results show).

Catch a glimpse of the emotional rollercoaster ride of participating Idols as they prepare themselves for one of the biggest nights of their lives. Representing Malaysia is Malaysian Idol (Season 1) winner, Jaclyn Victor.

Explore Malaysian culture with Trippin on 8TV (12.30pm, Sunday), where Host Rina Omar heads out to the Portuguese Settlement in Malacca for a lesson in Portuguese dances. Then she visits Kuala Kubu Baru for white-water rafting with local rock band Love Me Butch.

8TV also airs The Making Of ... A Note of Love tomorrow at 1.30pm. Directed by Linus Chung, this local movie features two short stories on love.
The movie stars Han Ead Fong, Daniel Lee, Sharifah Amani, Oik Geok Lean, Eugene Neo and Alice Tan Yen Yen.

On Sunday over ntv7, The Making Of ... Hitman is on at 1.30pm. Directed by Xavier Gens, this action/adventure film is about a gun for hire known only as Agent 47.

The movie stars Timothy Olyphant, Dougray Scott, Olga Kurylenko, Robert Knepper, Ulrich Thomsen and Henry Ian Cusick.


Panggung Sabtu – Unns (Hindi Movie) (TV3, 2pm)

Natasha narrates the story of her friend Ria who has married Rahul on the rebound. Ria starts picking fights with Rahul and eventually tells him she wants a divorce. Starring Rituparna Sengupta, Sanjay Kapoor and Juhi Babbar.

Con Air (English Movie) (TV3, 12.30am)

Former war hero Cameron Poe, just released from an eight-year jail sentence, is eager to see the daughter he’s never met. However, he lands up aboard a flight transporting 10 of the most dangerous men in the American penal system to a new high-security facility.

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