‘American Idol’ Season 7 on QTV

GET ready for another season of Americans and their attempt at three minutes of fame, ultra-powered belting, snide remarks from the judges, and of course… Simon Cowell.

On Jan. 16, QTV (surprise, surprise!) will be airing the seventh season of the highly syndicated singing competition, “American Idol,” at 6 p.m. This came as a surprise for some of the “Idol” fans here as past “AI” seasons were aired on ABC 5. This was probably a result of “Pinoy Idol” moving to GMA 7 after talks with FreemantleMedia, developer of the popular series.

During the first few episodes, viewers will be treated to state-wide auditions (admittedly the most entertaining and interesting part of the series). Those who pass the auditions will then be trimmed to 24, where they will be singing every week and every week there will be eliminations. When the number of contestants reaches 12, the competition begins to quicken its pace.

In the past few seasons, “AI” has produced quite a number of talents that have made a mark in the US music industry. Kelly Clarkson and Carrie Underwood are both “AI” alumni and are both contest winners. But not only “AI” winners made it big in the music scene as runners-up were also not left behind. In fact, Chris Daughtry (a runner-up in Season 5) won in the 2007 American Music Awards for his breakout self-titled album Daughtry, while Clay Aiken (Season 2 runner-up) is also a constant fan favorite because of his sweet and soothing sound.

Sadly, “AI” has had its fair share of bad eggs in the dozen, particularly William Hung. Hung managed to release not just one, but four albums! Imagine that. Hung has a relatively large cult following, probably as a show of support to Hung in response to “AI’s” attacks and criticisms against the Cantonese-American university student.

So what’s in store for “AI” fans this year? According to the show’s official website, “AI” will be focusing more on the contestants this year. Compared to previous years where popular singers and music legends were featured every week, “AI” Season 7 will focus less on the contestants’ interactions with their mentors and more on the singing abilities of the talents. What’s more, fiery judge Simon Cowell also stressed that this season will have the best bunch of contestants yet: something that he means sincerely this time. “AI” executive producer Nigel Lythgoe, in the show’s official website, said that he is keeping his fingers crossed for a Beatles night, but Paul McCartney will be a no-show (as a Beatles fan, I am deeply disappointed!).

Prior to the airing of the show, concerns were raised that the show will be sacked this year because it fared poorly in the ratings war last year and last season’s winner and runner-up were not really gaining a foothold in the music industry. But obviously these concerns were quelled immediately after fans heard that the show will be premiering in a couple of days.

Another important part of “AI” this year is “Idol Gives Back,” which will once again be featured this season. Last year’s “Idol Gives Back” earned rave reviews from Americans and people all over the world because of the help it gave to people in Africa and victims of Hurricane Katrina. This year, “Idol Gives Back” will once again extend a helping hand to people in need while playing beautiful music.

From “AI,” let’s go back to our local version of “Idol,” “Pinoy Idol.” I wrote an entry before about Mau Marcelo, the first “Pinoy Idol” winner. I was honestly surprised when I saw the “Pinoy Idol” TV commercial over at GMA 7, where the channel loudly proclaimed “Want to be the first ever Pinoy Idol?” (not verbatim). What struck me most was GMA 7’s claim that they will be producing the first ever Pinoy Idol when Marcelo, clearly the first Pinoy Idol, just competed in “Asian Idol” last year. “Pinoy Idol” will be opening its doors for second season auditions soon. Although I am hopeful that GMA 7 will be able to take care of the “Idol” winner better in terms of his or her music career, I wish that GMA 7 will also remember to correct their arrogant claim of producing the first ever “Pinoy Idol.”

source: http://blogs.inquirer.net/couchpotatoes/2008/01/14/american-idol-season-7-on-qtv/


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