Philippine Idol vs Pinoy Idol

Lets compare which one is better

In all Honesty I really believe that Philippine Idol is wayyyy better than that Pinoy Idol. Pinoy Idol almost sounds like Penoy Idol which is really not a good thing to hear. AND besides Eddie Gil already is the First Pinoy Idol. lolz

Well as for the logo I really dont mind if it looks Amateurish actually I dont think it looks rubbish cos if you would compare the ads Pinoy Idol's Ad is way better. Well thats just my opinion ryt?

Pinoy Idol Ad

Philippine Idol

Actually GMA should already reveal the judges by now so that people would know and react if theyve chosen the right people. As for me I would love to see Mo Twister, as a judge or host. cos honestly he did great during the Philippine Idol days

I still dont think Regine is the best Host for this show. Why wont GMA give Drew a chance? He's actually good at this thing unlike Regine who is sooo over rated and so over exposed in all honesty. Im a Regine fan but com'on lets give others a chance. Regine is not the only one who can host ryt?

and as for the details of the Auditions. GMA should really tell the public whats the age limit as early as today cos for sure there are a lot of people who will audition this year.

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