Pinoy Idol update

Just saw the Pinoy Idol ad last night and I must say, I cant stop being excited cos well its our own Idol show ryt? Hehehe. But Honestly Im so sad for Mau cos based on what I heard who saw the GMA year end show The hosts said that its the first Idol show in the Philippines. well not sure if thats the exact words but it still means the same.
I just really wish Mau won the Asian Idol thing cos for sure GMA will definitely give her a huge break. hayyy o well. Based on what I heard too the first auditions will be held on Cagayan De Oro this 17th of January so for those who will audition, mark your calendars. All I can say is just practice pratice pratice, pray hard, more pratice, be orinigal, pratice again and pray again and lastly bring lots of water and extra clothes, well some pillows too. hehehe. I just hope people from Cagayan De Oro will send us some photos/videos of their auditions. O well. GOODLUCK GUYS!!!

By the way as soon as I get the ad I will definitely post it here via youtube(no more veoh, lols)


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