Raymond G as Host on Pinoy Idol?

Now It looks like its official. Raymond G will no doubt Host Pinoy Idol. hmm...

Honestly I really dont know why GMA chose Raymond G over Drew and Mo Twister. I mean com'on dont tell me Raymond is better than those 2. I mean have you seen Mo and Drew host? Im quite sure it would be a very interesting show if that will happen. Actually during the Philippine Idol times the moment Mo became a special judge. The show became more interesting. Cos he was actually opposing MR C and Pilita's comments. It actually reminded me of Paula and Simon werein most of the time they dont agree. Honestly thats what we want and that why American Idol became popular. Actually that "strategy" is also used on most of the idol shows in the worldexcept here. hmm Lets imagine Jolina, Wyngard and Ogie doing that "strategy" hmmm nahhh I dont think they will do that. O well what can we do. Its already final. unless...

lets wait and see what will happen. Just wish GMA made the right decision. GOODLUCK GMA!!

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