Raymond Gutierrez to Host and Ogie Alcasid To Judge Pinoy Idol

Can I just say What the heck is GMA thinkin? I mean com'on RAYMOND GUTIERREZ? lols Is that the best they can do? What happened to what the viewers/fans like? I mean Drew Arellano and Mo Twister for example? based on the PEX polls Drew Arellano leads and as for Mo Twister he did great during the Philippine Idol Time. I mean WOW Raymond Gutierrez? HAHAHA Dont tell me he was chosen because of the most powerful Annabelle Rama. Com'on GMA we want Drew Arellano or Mo Twister!!! and as for Ogie Alcasid. I respect Ogie okay and Im definitely a huge fan of his but I dont think he's fit to this job. He can probably host but not judge? He already said that his not into criticizing people. I believe American Idol made it big because the judges were somewhat cruel and based on what we know about Ogie he's not like that. So in other words. wrong again GMA you've chosen the wrong people again!!

O well, based on Ed Arevalo's Blog here are the requirements:

What to bring:

1. Proof of age (certificate of birth, etc.)
2. Full body photo
3. Parental consent (for those of age 16 and 17)
4. and don’t forget to be on your best dress or get-up to impress

Goodluck Guys!!!

by the way I'll be posting the media here so bookmark this blog. thanks!!!


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