Singing for Beijing

Sports and the pop scene have struck a common chord again. Moosic Records and China All Stars Support and Promotion Group (CSGO) look set to ride on the Beijing Olympic Games 2008 wave in Malaysia with the Malay version of Beijing Olympics theme song Olimpik Di Beijing.

The tune is a massive collaborative effort boasting 32 homegrown artistes that volunteered their services towards the project.

In “Band Aid” fashion, Olimpik Di Beijing features Michael Wong, Ning Baizura, Sharizan Borhan, David Arumugam, Nikki, Jaclyn Victor (right), Estranged, Penny Tai, Meet Uncle Hussein, Nurul, Daniel Lee, Dayang Nurfaizah, Gary Chaw, Farawahida, Maya Karin, Doul, James Baum, Faizal Tahir, S.A.B, Ito-M’pire rock band, Ali (from XPDC), Yazer, Pop Shuvit, NUR, Azfar, Zehra Zambri, BoyzFrenz, Jerry Wong, Winson Woon, Orange, Henley, Kwok Hui, Victor Lee, Letto (from Indonesia) and Ahli Fiqir (from Singapore).

The recording of the tune was done in Malaysia and Taiwan and took about three months to complete the production. The Malay lyrics were handled by Amran Omar while the finished product was mixed by Raja Trabye Mahafaizal and co-mixed by Laguna Records and Eddie Chow.

The song was originally from Hong Kong. It was created by the duo Ng Kok Keng and Jolland Chan, who are behind multiple award-winning songs for Canto-pop singers like William So, Sammi Cheng, Kelly Chen, Jacky Cheung, Alan Tam and many more.



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