Voice, looks and a good story win ‘Idol’ slots

CEBU CITY, Philippines—One thing that the production staff of GMA 7’s “Pinoy Idol” has confirmed after four weeks of auditions all over the country: Filipinos are among the most respectful people in the world.

Even after enduring a barrage of vitriolic comments from the judges—specifically Wyngard Tracy—almost all of the rejected aspirants would invariably end the encounter with a smile and a “Salamat po” or “Thank you sir/ma’am.”

This observation was related to Inquirer Entertainment by Tracy himself, as well as Perry Lansigan, executive producer of the local version of the world-famous reality talent contest.

Tracy noted, “On ‘American Idol,’ we often see the rejects curse, or insult, the judges. That has not happened to us … so far.” (Cebu was the fourth stop.)

Not that they’d been dodging it.



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