American Idol scandal hat trick: Questionable Ramiele Malubay photos emerge

Today has been a treasure trove of "American Idol" scandals erupting in the news.

First, David Hernandez is revealed to be a male stripper for a gay men's club in Phoenix.

Second, Danny Noriega, the little diva that could, has had his past come back to haunt him via a profane Christmas video.

Now has unearthed more risque photographs of "American Idol" finalist Ramiele Malubay.

Last week uncovered racy photos of Malubay, 20, goofing around with some girlfriends on a Facebook page.

The new snaps show the Miramar Florida singer is similar breat grabbing poses with what appears to be coworkers. Yahoo TV reports that Malubay was a hostess at a Miramar sushi restaurant.

Malubay told the Filipino publication Pinoy Business she doesn’t want to be famous but does want to represent the Asian community well in a competition where the whole world is watching.

Ramiele took a break from nursing school to compete on Idol and vows to go back to school if she's not chosen for the top spot on the TV show, Pinoy Business reports.



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