Possible record deal for Renaldo

MANILA, Philippines—Simon Cowell may be right, after all.

The “American Idol” judge jokingly predicted that “We’re Brothers Forever,” composed and sung in early auditions by Philippine-born aspirant Renaldo Lapuz would become a hit record.

On Sunday, Inquirer learned that a major label with local operations was trying to locate the 45-year-old Filipino-American for “a possible recording deal.”

Lapuz’s web site now features a hyperlink to an e-mail address for booking inquiries. There’s also a contest on the best remix version of “We’re Brothers Forever” on the site. He is featured in a solo TV ad on Star World.

The home page’s US-based web master Dave Desvousges says that the Maloof family, owner of Palms Hotel in Las Vegas and the NBA team Sacramento Kings, has invited Lapuz to be “their special guest this [basketball] season.” Plus, a local promoter is keen on touring Lapuz in Europe.

All these job offers are a windfall for Lapuz, a former janitor and tricycle driver.



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