Idol vote appeal in Calcutta

The journey to the top five position of Indian Idol 4 has not been easy for Rajdeep Chatterjee. Now, his family wants to ensure that the singer’s remaining road — perhaps to success — is less bumpy.

After appealing for votes in hometown, the Janata Dal United Students’ Union (JDUSU) has turned its gaze on Calcutta, where it is campaigning for Rajdeep. Though the Loyola lad has given power-packed performances time and again, his supporters do not want to leave any stone unturned while the show is in its last lap.

About 50 activists of JDUSU have campaigned at Jadavpur University, Scottish Church College, Rabindra Bharati University, Ashutosh College and St Xavier’s College in Calcutta and they say the response has been overwhelming.

“We do not want to take any risk now. People of Calcutta have an ear for music and we hope they would vote for a Bengali boy. The response we got from the crowd there was more than expected,” said Sanjiv Acharya, the national secretary of JDUSU.

The student activists have also campaigned at Gariahat, Maniktala and Salt Lake.

Though Rajdeep is elated to be among the top five contestants at the musical event, votes are still bothering him. He said that pressure is mounting as the show reaches its final leg. “At reality shows there is no second chance. I have to perform well every time to stay in it. But despite my performance the votes are not pouring in for me.”

He acknowledges the fact that audience love have made him reach this position but being in the bottom three is bogging him down.

“Wherever I am today is because of the love and affection of people. If I am enjoying the moment but at the same time is a bit tensed. I am feeling the heat of the show now,” Rajdeep said, over the phone from Mumbai.

The 17-year-old feels that if he wins the title it would not only be his success but everybody who had voted or wished for him.

“The love is definitely there which is coming to me in the form of votes but I need more to be in the safe zone and to win the title, which is everything I want now,” Rajdeep said.

Amid the fanfare, ask him what he misses the most and pat come the reply. “ My father. I have been away from him for eight months now and I have not been able to talk to him or see. If I win the show he will be so proud of me,” he said



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