Hady is handy for the return of Idol-mania

SINGAPORE: The success of "Singapore Idol" can only be spelt in two words - Hady Mirza. So it's no surprise that the 2009 season will see the winner of the Singapore talent search and also Asian Idol, joining the stellar line-up.

Playing the role of 'big brother', Hady will share his first-hand experience that should prove to be valuable to the next generation of "Singapore Idol" hopefuls.

The multi-talented Gurmit Singh will lead season three of "Singapore Idol" which is slated to be the toughest yet.

Taking the judges chairs once again will be Singapore's answer to American Idol's Simon Cowell - local music producer Ken Lim, as well as musical genius Dick Lee and Florence Lian, who will be the 'rose among the thorns' but don't forget roses can be prickly!

Leaving the show are two familiar faces from season two - judge and jazz singer Jacintha Abisheganaden and Gurmit's co-host Daniel Ong.

And don't expect it to be business as usual.

In a new twist this season, "Idol" fans can start voting for their favourites from the start of the show, so expect to see who’s in and who’s out 'Live' on the same night.

As for the contestants who stand to win a recording contract with Universal Music, they don't just get to compete on how well they can belt out a tune.

The hit series will empower contestants who get to showcase talent that makes them stand out from the pack by being allowed to play musical instruments from the theatre rounds onwards.

Other new elements to "Singapore Idol" include the Judges’ Save – a one-time privilege used by the judges to prevent one contestant from going home during the “Spectacular” episodes, and the Salvation Song – which is a common song that all contestants will prepare and can be performed by the two bottom-ranking contestants to stay in the competition.

"Singapore Idol" hits the TV screens on 9 August with a peek into the auditions that start Saturday 6 June, and climaxes on 20 December with the finale.

Get ready for Idol-mania!

source: http://www.channelnewsasia.com/stories/entertainmentfeatures/view/434007/1/.html


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