Over 4,000 turn up for Singapore Idol auditions

SINGAPORE: Over 4,000 people turned up for the Singapore Idol auditions on Saturday as of 5pm. That is double the number of the last Singapore Idol season three years ago.

Organisers have decided to extend the auditions to Sunday due to the overwhelming response.

The barricades were up at 8pm on Friday night at The Cathay and the queue started forming immediately. Many of the idol hopefuls went without sleep the entire night but they were certainly not low on energy.

Supportive families, tired friends and enthusiastic fans kept many of the idol hopefuls company throughout the long night.

For some, the sleepless night was well worth the effort.

One idol hopeful said: "I'm just going to give my best shot for the second audition and hopefully I can make it through. It's time for real talent to step through."

And for those who did not make it, they are not giving up on their dreams just yet.

Singapore Idol premieres on MediaCorp's Channel 5 on August 9. - CNA/vm

source: http://www.channelnewsasia.com/stories/entertainment/view/434278/1/.html


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