Asian Idol Schedule of Events

On Air Schedule of Asian Idol

Local Episodes

Choice of Indonesia Sat, 24 November 2007 9:00–11:00pm (Live)
Choice of Indonesia - Result Show Sat, 1 December 2007 9:00–10:00pm (Live)
Steps towards Asia Sat, 8 December 2007 9:00–10:30 (Live)
Asian Idol Extra 24 November – 14 December 2007 3:30-4:00 (Live)

International Episodes
Date/Time(Local Time)

Road To Asian Idol Sat, 8 December 2007
8pm (Philippines), 11pm (Malaysia), 9pm(Indonesia)

Road To Asian Idol Sun, 9 December 2007
9pm (Vietnam)

Mike Melangka Ke Asia Sun, 9 December 2007

Road To Asian Idol Fri, 14 December 2007
8:30pm (Singapore), 7pm(India)

Asian Idol Performance Show Sat, 15 December 2007
7pm (India), 8pm (Philippines), 9pm (Vietnam, Indonesia), 10pm (Singapore, Malaysia),

Asian Idol – Result Show Sun, 16 December 2007
9pm (Vietnam, Indonesia), 10pm (Philippines, Singapore, Malaysia), 11pm (India)


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