Idol Guy Sebastian goes global

GUY Sebastian has so been there, won that when it comes to Sunday's Australian Idol grand final: now he's going global.
The original karaoke king will perform for an audience of 300million next month, after being invited to appear on Asian Idol.

With a mega-mix medley from his Memphis Album ready to roll, the 'Fro will go get 'em in Jakarta on December 16.

The big break could mean big business for SonyBMG, which now has plans to release the album in India, China, Japan, Malaysia, Indonesia and Brunei.

But he'll need the angels who brought him here to stardom to be on his side again, with a packed itinerary before he takes to the stage.

The day before he'll pack in three Sydney performances - for Dolly magazine, Carols in the Domain and the Mix FM/Australian Radio Network Christmas party - before hopping on a midnight flight to Indonesia.



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