Indonesia picks Delon Thamrin

based on the poll conducted by a tabloid in Indonesia it looks like Delon will represent Indonesia.

heres the result

1.DELON 27,64% (426)
2.DIRLY 24,07% (371)
3.RINI 11,94% (184)
4.JOY 10,57% (163)
5.IHSAN 8,63% (133)
6.JUDIKA8,17% (126)
7.MIKE 6,48% (100)
8.WILSON2,46% (38...)

I also created a poll on the official indonesian forum and still he's leading, following not too close is Rini then Mike then Ihsan.

well what can I say. Goodluck to Indonesia.

anyways the Official Voting show will be this November 24, 2007 and the results will be on December 1 2007.


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