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First time ever in the world, this singing talent competition is the culmination of the “Idol” search in the respective Asian countries – namely Indonesia, India, Philippines, Malaysia, Singapore and Vietnam. This largest event in Asia in search of an idol would be held in Indonesia, and considering the cultural differences from these Asian countries, this will be an interesting show to many viewers.

Each idol from the participating countries will arrive in Jakarta from December 7, 2007 and they are chasing the same dream of being recognized as the region’s favourite Idol. Being their country’s singing ambassadors, they will be competing on December 15, and one of them will be crowned Asian Idol on December 16, 2007.

As part of the preparation for their participation in Asian Idol, the respective idol from the differing countries will horne their skills in performing by undergoing vocal coaching, choreography lessons, media visits and radio interviews.

For India and Indonesia, in which there are more than one Idol, they decided to hold a before hand competition to vote who’s going to represent them in the show.

Road to Asian Idol, 9 December 2007
This episode shows a compilation of clippings and the journey taken by the various Idols from the respective Asian countries including Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Philippines, Vietnam and India, from their humble early days of the auditions to the latest preparation before stepping into the Asian Idol arena.

Asian Idol Performance Show, 15 December 2007
This 2-hour episode will showcase the singing talents of the participating Idols of Asia, competing in Jakarta. Each Idol will be singing in their native language and an English song.

Asian Idol Result Show, 16 December 2007
This grand finale episode will reveal Asia’s choice of their favourite Idol and will also feature singing artistes from the participating countries.


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