Jakarta to host first Asian Idol

A past winner of Indonesian Idol will compete against contestants from across the region in the first-ever Asian Idol competition, to be held on Dec. 15 in Jakarta.

The show will be broadcast live in various countries throughout Asia and people will be invited to vote for their favorite Idol via text message.

Contestants from the Philippines, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore and Vietnam will compete in the event.

Indonesia will be represented by Delon Thamrin, Mike Mohede, Ihsan Tarore or Rini Wulandari, who are all former Idol winners.

Indonesian fans will have the opportunity to vote for their favorite past Idol winner between Nov. 24 and Dec. 1.

The winner will compete against Mau Marcelo from the Philippines, India's Abhijeet Sawant, Malaysia's Jaclyn Victor, Singapore's Hady Mirza and Phuong Vy from Vietnam.

Project director Daniel Hartono said it was likely fans would vote for the contestant from their own country.

He said to make the competition fairer, people would be asked to cast two votes.

The winner will be the Idol who receives the most votes from their fellow countrymen as well as fans from other countries.

As in other Idol competitions, judges will be present to comment on the performance of each singer.

Project manager Yogi Hartarto said the Asian Idol would be crowned on Dec. 16 and would win an around-the-world trip.

Mike Mohede, Indonesian Idol in 2005, said he was looking forward to the contest as it was a chance to receive international recognition.

However, he said each Indonesian Idol had an equal chance of being selected to represent the country in the event.

He said winning Asian Idol would be a great honor as he would be up against some extremely talented performers.

"Take Mau Marcelo for example. She is extraordinary. She sings as though she was selected as one of God's masterpieces in heaven.

"But it is really up to the audience to decide who is their favorite. Every contestant has their own piece and God has a plan for everyone," he said. (dre)

source: http://www.thejakartapost.com/detailcity.asp?fileid=20071115.C04&irec=3


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