Idols Complete: ASIAN IDOL Fever Heating Up!

Apparently, Indonesia has chosen their idol and it is no other than Mike Mohede! During the November 24 Performance Show and the December 1 show, Mike got the highest number of votes and was chosen by the Indonesians to represent their country for the Asian Idol Finals on December 15 at Jakarta!

The roster of Idol competitors is now complete: place your bets to one of the following Idols!
Indonesian Idol Mike Mohede, Indian Idol Abhijeet Sawant, Malaysian Idol Jaclyn Victor, Philippine Idol Mau Marcelo, Vietnam Idol Phuong Vy and Singaporean Idol Hady Mirza!

Each country will be sending a judge as critic for the Idols, in total there will be 6 judges, one of which is Asia’s Queen of Souls Pilita Corrales, representative critic of the Philippines.

There will be an Asian Idol Extra episode, a kickoff to the competition proper, wherein the Idols will be introduced. The broadcast will be on December 9 (at ABC 5 for Philippine viewers).

On December 15, the Finals Performance Show will be aired, the public will be given 24 hours to vote two Idols they want to be the first Asian Idol, and on December 16, the first Asian Idol will be proclaimed!

Asian Idol will be hosted by Indonesian Idol hosts Amelia Natasha and Daniel Mananta. Guy Sebastian, the first Australian Idol will be a guest in the said Finals.



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