Mau Marcelo goes full swing on Asian Idol

The people behind “Philippine Idol” are on their toes as they prepare for Mau Marcelo’s participation in “Asian Idol”.

“I am excited and happy, but also nervous,” Mau said during a press conference with local entertainment writers about the prospect of representing the country in this international competition. “I promise to do my best para hindi naman mapahiya ang bansa natin sa competition (so our country would not be embarrassed in the competition).”

The coming weeks would be hectic for Mau, often called “The Diamond Diva” by her devoted fans. ABC, Sony-BMG Philippines, and her manager Sandra Chavez have lined up a series of rigid training for Marcelo, such as undergoing personality development course taught by stage director Freddie Santos as well as vocal training from singer Zebedee Zuñiga. She is also taking a strict eating plan to shed some weight so she would look good in the stunning gowns she would wear for the competition.

Catch Mau Marcelo as she belts her way into Asian Idol. Asian viewers can include Mau into their votes if they think she is a worthy performer.



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