Listeners more involved at Singapore Radio Awards

SINGAPORE: It was a night of tears, laughs and surprises at the 4th Singapore Radio Awards as MediaCorp's radio personalities gathered to celebrate their work and achievements.

To reward listeners, MediaCorp had some of them co-present awards to their favourite radio personalities.

The organiser has also changed the concept of the event.

Previously it was a private affair, conducted in a sit-down dinner format. This time round, listeners were invited to participate as audience.

Besides seeing their favourite DJs, the listeners were also treated to performances by Singapore Idol Hady Mirza.

Of the four participating English radio stations, 987FM and Class 95FM came out top winners.

Among them was third-time lucky Class 95FM's Glenn Ong who won the Radio Personality of the Year Award.

"What's very important is letting the listeners know exactly who you are. And I think that's the beauty of radio, it's a very personal medium. That's the secret basically - to be yourself and to be honest, as honest as you possibly can, but once in a while you've got to be naughty," said Glenn Ong.

For many, the award is an affirmation of their work.

938LIVE's presenter Eugene Loh, who won the Friendliest Radio Personality Award, said: "A lot of it is: a lot of reading, a lot of research, and sitting down at the computer and just tearing your hair out just trying to pound out a script. A lot of preparation work."

Emotions took over as Vernetta Lopez accepted the Most Popular Radio Personality Award, a win she described as a shock.

Earlier, the DJ from Class 95FM took home the Friendliest Radio Personality Award.

28 awards were given out to DJs from MediaCorp's 10 radio stations. The event was held at the Suntec Convention Centre. - CNA/ir



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