Vietnam Idol winner to compete for Asian crown

The winner of first season of the reality television show Vietnam Idol is set to represent Vietnam at the Asian Idol competition, to be held in Jakarta, Indonesia from December 6-16.

Phuong Vy, 20, awarded US$10,000 upon winning the Vietnam Idol in Ho Chi Minh City two months ago, will perform an English song and a song in Vietnamese by renowned composer Duc Tri.

The upcoming Asian Idol is a continent-wide version of the Pop Idol singing contest, featuring winners of idol competitions from six Asian countries including India, Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore, and Vietnam.

The winner will be awarded an international recording contract and a free trip around the world to watch international Idol shows.

As part of the preparation for their participation in Asian Idol, the contestants will undergo vocal coaching, choreography lessons, media visits and radio interviews.

They will begin competing on December 15, and one of them will be crowned Asian Idol on December 16.

Meanwhile, fans of each contestant will be able to choose the song they want their Idol to perform before the Asian Idol performance show.

The Idols will perform two songs each – one in English and another in their first language.

The HCMC Television (HTV) is planning to broadcast the program live on the channel HTV9 from December 9-16.



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