Will Abhijeet Sawant make it to Asian Idol?

In keeping with the immensely successful and popular version of the blockbuster 'Pop Idol' format, one Idol winner from each of the 6 countries (India, Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines and Vietnam) will compete for the title of the Asian Idol.

Abhijeet Sawant will compete to fulfill the dreams and hopes of millions of Indians on this international platform and the judges on the show are from each of the above-mentioned countries. Annu Malek, who was the only judge to be a part of the 3 seasons of Indian Idol, will be a part of the jury from India.

"It is a matter of great pride that I have got an opportunity to represent my country on the international platform. I am looking forward to this contest, as it will be a challenge to prove my mettle internationally. I am sure this will be a complete learning experience", says Abhijeet Sawant, Indian Idol season one winner.

Asian Idol gives its viewers a chance to vote for their favourite Asian Idol. The voting pattern will involve viewers from each country to vote for two of their favourite contestants and based on these votes Asia will see its new Asian Idol. The voting lines will open on December 15 where viewers will be voting on the overall performance of each Idol, rather than on individual songs. Thus, the voting lines will open only by the end of the show and viewers will be asked to place two votes for the two Idols they think performed best.

The viewers can catch all the excitement and action on Sony Entertainment Television on December 14 and December 15 from 7.00 pm onwards. The results of the contest will be declared on December 16 at 11.00 pm, which will be a live event from Jakarta. The evening will have performances from select International singers including our very own Alisha Chinai.

source: http://www.televisionpoint.com/news2007/newsfullstory.php?id=1197024369


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